A Foundation of Faith

Changing Lives, Saving Lives.

At Bethesda Ministries, we operate under the core belief that business and service go hand in hand. Since our founding in 1959, we have offered life-honoring, faith-based care to seniors and reinvested our revenue to further God’s work around the world.

Today, we serve people at every age and stage of life through our three ministries: Bethesda Senior Living Communities, OneChild, and Bethesda Christian Broadcasting. By practicing virtuous business governance and revenue reinvestment, we transform lives with our ministries.

Business for Benevolence

Investing in Global Service

Two things continue to set Bethesda apart from other organizations: our history and our heart. From our humble beginnings in 1959, Bethesda sought to care for others both locally and globally.

When Reverend Charles Turner returned from a missionary trip to Nicaragua, he was compelled to address the needs he saw there while also caring for the underserved elderly population in rural Nebraska. The vision Rev. Turner was given became Bethesda and has expanded to the 20 senior living communities in 6 states.

We continue to provide care that puts people first. Bethesda makes wise business decisions so we can re-invest money from our profitable ventures, including Bethesda Real Estate, into our ministries. Bethesda Associates manages our investment portfolio while also providing shared services, such as accounting, information technology, risk management, and human resources to foster the growth and health of the organization.

Guided by faith and service, Bethesda’s distinctive local and global model allows us to provide hope and care to thousands of people. From providing more than $4 Million in charitable care to our seniors to supporting vital radio programming and holistic care for thousands of children living in poverty around the world, we take “business for benevolence” seriously.