Hope in Hard Places

The vision for OneChild is simple: to serve children in need around the world. Our core philosophy emphasizes how one person can make a tremendous difference in the face of overwhelming poverty—a principle that has driven our ministry for more than 60 years.

OneChild ministers to 40,000 underserved children in 14 developing nations around the world. By meeting their holistic needs through nutritional support, education, medical care, and spiritual guidance, these children also receive the hope, truth, life, love, and mercy that transform their lives.

The Power of One

Sponsorship through OneChild connects caring individuals with children in poverty to provide them the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances and reach their potential in Christ. In fact, recent research proves that one-to-one child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to combat global poverty. Sponsorship allows us to address each major area of a child’s life. There’s real power in one person reaching out to one child through sponsorship—power that changes both lives!